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2012 Ronix Viva Wakeboard 136cm


Viva Board


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Manufacturer: RONIX
2012 Ronix Viva Wakeboard 136cm RNX252136RNX252136


Part Number: RNX252136

Ronix Viva Modello Edition Wakeboard 2012
Carrying more forward momentum off the wake and landing further out in the flats, the Ronix Viva Modello Edition Wakeboard has a sharp 45 degree rail from end to end creating a more effective edge with the water. The Blended Rocker mimics the natural transition of the wake letting you go even faster at the kicker, and the sidecut has more contact points in the water. The Park Fin placement allows the board to react quickly.
Blended Energy - Combines the late kick of the Phoenix Project boards giving you the instant response off the wake you find in the Ronix Timebomb construction. A perfect blend for riders with varying styles.
Mod Pour - A demanding alternative foam made from Ronix

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